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Enough about not knowing what to do with our lives. 
Here are some fun activities that went on in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv this weekend that I was able to attend! Can you imagine doing all of these things from your hometown for less than $100?

ART (Thursday)
FreshPaint - two warehouses in Yaffo's Old city by the port were stocked with paintings, murals, sculptures. Pics to come

And on a VERY different note, a Chassidish Band performing in Jerusalem at the Yellow Submarine - great spot for bar/band outings.
Venue: Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem


And then on a somewhat different note, today in the Old City of Jerusalem, I went to an Eish Torah Discovery Seminar with speakers all focused on proving that G-d is the author of the Bible. In the past few weeks I have been curiously trying to connect chronological Jewish History with what was happening in the Global community. I wish I would have once learned how to connect what was happening elsewhere in the intellectual social and religious world at the time of the Purim story. Or what was happening in Jewish History when Socrates first starting to enter the scene. One lecture, Dr. Gerald Shroeder, Ph.D. in Nucleur Physics and Earth and Planetary Sciences  from MIT, focused on the Bang Theory and the story of Biblical creation actually do not contradict. From my very limited understanding, here is how he put it (in much much more simple terms): We start counting the Jewish year (5774) from the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, but, according to Shroeder (who is taking his ideas from Rabbincal literature) what happened before that was 6 days (according to Bible) or 15 billion years, according to accepted Scientific theory. Using Einstein's theory on relativitiy, and the speed of energy depending on perspective, he calculated 15billion divided by 1 trillion (the accepted number of difference between creation to now) and got 5 and a half. that makes no sense. buy his book. he'll say it better I think.


Bootcamp on the beach! Twice a week for one hour of intense fitness training - and in English!

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