Day 41-45: First week of work (by Bailey Spagat) - Career Israel- Israel Experience Ltd.
On Sunday I started work. I'm working with a photographer is his studio. The photographer's name is Eyal Landesman. He is a very well known photography in Israel and around the world and was nominated for a Grammy last year for his stop motion music video Her Morning Elegance. The video was made up of 2096 still photographs and then animated to create the illusion of movement. There is currently a gallery in California which displays a selection of the photographs, while the others (just one print of every frame of the video) are being sold, which brings me to my first project- helping the studio with the PR of the gallery and selling the photographs (So if anyone wants to buy one… they are super cool (

This week was crazy busy since the studio had a gallery opening on Wednesday, so everyone was running in and out of the studio- some days I had tons to do, like editing and cropping photos (on my first day!) or making a video for the opening, and some days I didn't have very much to do… but I'm sure that's the way it'll remain for the next 4 months.

They invited me to the gallery opening on Wednesday, which was sooo cool! I was able to bring two friends so it was nice to show them what I'll be taking part in for the next few months and it also gave me a great opportunity to really get to know the photographer that I'm working with a little better.

The atmosphere at the studio is amazing and has really reaffirmed to me that this is the industry that I want to be working in. I don't have a desk, nor do most of everyone else who works in the studio and I sit on the couch all day on my mac… even when I have nothing to do I love being here… It's a far way from my cubicle of solitude this summer.

I can't wait for what's in store for me and I'm so excited for when we have someone come into the studio for a shoot so that I can compare with the shoots that I have directed.

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