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Hectic in Israel..sounds like Hi Tech in Israel if you say it fast!

Crazy things going on in Israel today. As I am working on my "long(er) term" plan to stay at my internship, my colleagues say to me this morning: "This place is crazy -- every day is hectic. There are no other places in the world that you wake up in the morning and say: the entire world is against my country, and I need to live today because who knows about tomorrow..' that means that every day is crazy hectic..."

It is a true reality. Things are rush rush rush -- the intermix of devotion to this country's survival and anger and resentment toward the international community with whom you are most probably dealing with on a daily basis between work and family is HECTIC. 

Is there a correlation between hectic and hi tech? I think there must be. Things are happening fast,  
3/23/2012 15:52:13

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