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If you still have not read Start Up Nation by Saul Singer and Dan Senor - order it on Amazon ASAP.

One of the reasons that they describe Israel to be such a successful StartUp Nation is its size - the proximity of extremely intelligent and risk taking individuals. What does this mean for people coming to learn, volunteer, study in Israel? The proximity and small network allow us to get involved, be in the know, and meet the right people.

Last night the author of StartUp Nation was hosted by Bar Ilan MBA International Program with a panel of CEO's and Venture Capitol Partners from Israel, with the topic "What is Next for the Start Up Nation"

Saul Singer began with a short story from his book - about Paypal (owned by Ebay) coming to an Israeli start up founder, Fraud Scientists to learn about how they detect internet fraud. Immediately Paypal was struck by Fraud Scientists skill based on how they learned to find traces of terrorists in the army. The company was bough for 80million dollars.

How can we understand the pace of change in technology? Singer quoted a study that
To Reach 50million users it took
38 Years.....For Radio
13 Years...For TV
4 Years...For Intenet
3 Years...For Ipod
9months for 100million Users of Facebook
9 months for 1 billion Users for Ipone Applications

Does Israel want to continue to be a country of start ups to be bought by bigger more sustainable companies or are we looking to develop our own bigger companies here? How can we transfer the booming hi tech economy to other sectors in Israel - like education for example? How can we integrate new olim and arabs into this hi tech boom? How do we leverage our technologies to help global progress?

Director of Google Israel, Greece and South Africa, Meir Brand:
"Our competitve advantage must be INNOVATION. Israeli technologies are already being deployed in 3rd world countries. Computer science is our ticket to solving world problems.

Tal Keinan: CEO KCPS COmpany:
"We have a unique concentration of minds: and "a lot of experience garnered overseas"

Chemi Peres, CO-Founder Pitango:
"We are an isolated country and have to speed up our rate of change even though we have a delay due to the time shift and isolation..but that also means we have the opportunity to show that we can turn an entire country electric. We must CONSUME innovation rather than services the consumer from countries miles away"

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