True Life: I Live on a Kibbutz (by Ellie Tepper) - Career Israel- Israel Experience Ltd.
This weekend Stef, Becca, Keren, and I went to visit our friend Guy from camp his Kibbutz: Kibbutz Gazit. It was a BLAST! Kibbutz life is very interesting and, to be honest, something I could get VERY used to. Everything is so relaxed and everyone is a big family. Compared to Tel Aviv, you could hear a pin drop it was so peaceful! This particular kibbutz is a dairy farm.They used to have a school and have the children live separately from their parents during schooling, but they have modernized. There are about 300 families who live on the kibbutz. Families live in beautiful homes that are able to accommodate everyone. When the children turn 18 and after they go to the army, they are able to live in a small apartment-like room for a couple of years before going to school. The kibbutz also has a huge dining hall, rec-room, classrooms, places for teens to hang out, sports facilities, and other amenities a tiny town would need. 

On Friday when we arrived, we went directly to Guy’s parents house to meet them, along with his brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews. Everyone was so welcoming and a felt at home the minute I walked into the house. We enjoyed some mint tea (grown in their backyard) and a small snack to hold us over before Shabbat dinner. We went to Guy’s apartment/room to freshen up and then headed to the dining hall (chadder ochel) for Shabbat dinner. Everyone in the kibbutz comes together for the meal, which is served buffet style. You name the food, they had it! Schnitzel, chicken, meatballs, rice, mashed potatoes, bilinzies, soup, salad, ect. It was delicious and all home cooked. After a filling meal, we headed to the moadon-the rec room-for some coffee and cookies. We sat outside and watched all of the adorable little children play together. The best part in my opinion of living on a kibbutz is how many children there are to play with! Since we OBVIOUSLY didn’t have enough to eat before (cough cough YEAH RIGHT), we went back to Guy’s parents for dessert. When we finished, we headed over to the local Kibbutz pub for a few beers and cards before finally calling it a night.

The next day, we took a nice tour of the entire kibbutz. Guy was a great tour guide and showed us the ins and outs. We headed over to the dairy farm to meet the cows and goats.We were able to see how they milk the cows and pet the little calves.Becca and Keren were brave and let the baby suck on their fingers. Gross! When we finished in the farm, we took a wonderful walk to the orchards. There they grow avacados, oranges, lemons, and delicious pamellows (they were my favorite!). We enjoyed a pamellow while sitting in a beautiful memorial.Afterwards we headed back to Guy’s parents for lunch. We had chinese noodles, chicken, empanadas, and of course dessert. Sadly it was time to say goodbye not soon after the meal and we hopped on the bus back to noisy Tel Aviv. I will definitely be back soon!

As a post birthday celebration, my friends and I went to MAX BRENNER’S! Chocolate chocolate EVERYWHERE! DELICIOUS!

**The sharing platter, which most of us got, had fondue (with assorted cookies and fruits), marshmallows (with a fire to roast them), waffle, chocolate egg roll, benyas, a shot of chocolate, ice cream (vanilla, white, dark, or milk chocolate flavored), and chocolate pudding. AKA: CHOCOLATE COMA!

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